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A big part of Select Books' business is the posting of books to the four corners of the world (and within South Africa!).

What happens when you place an order with us?

All books are despatched within 24 hours of the placing of the order from Vlaeberg Post Office, at the corner of Loop and Pepper Streets, Cape Town.

Parcels sent to addresses in South Africa are mailed as Insured Parcels and carry the letters PA followed by 9 digits and the letters ZA. One is able to call a toll- free number at any time to establish the whereabouts of the parcel by giving this number. Within South Africa, a parcel takes approximately 4 days to get to its destination. [Overnight or Speed Parcel services can also be used]. However, what can cause delay is notification of the parcel's arrival. For this reason we email the parcel PA number to customers after posting.

Overseas parcels are sent in the same way, but smaller parcels may also be sent via Registered Mail. These parcels carry the letters RD followed by 9 digits and the letters ZA.

Parcels can be sent via airmail or via surface mail. Parcels sent via airmail can take as little as 4 days to reach Europe, and anywhere else in the world in approximately 10 to 12 days.

In the 13 years that we have owned Select Books we have successfully posted parcels to the following 41 destinations:

If there is anything more you would like to know about how we post books around the world feel free to contact us!